Drift Idiot Day X Videos 

Drift Idiot Day 1

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing 

I bought a Nissan 240SX a month ago. I wanted to learn how to drift, so I cleaned it up, found a local track event, and decided to start drifting. Kind of.

Drifting is hard. But it's absolutely awesome. This is the start of a beautiful thing.

Drift Idiot Day 2

The Learning Curve

I bought a Nissan 240SX a few months ago because I wanted to spend a lot of money that I didn't have and see my friends and family less. I also wanted to learn how to drift.

This is a video from my second drift event and the second time I've ever attempted to drift. It's still really hard, but is starting to make a little more sense.

Sadly, since the awful place I live has temperatures in the 100's even after dark, the entire event was held at night on a dimly lit track, so getting good video footage was a little tough. Enjoy!

Drift Idiot Day 3

That Feel / Slide of the Phoenix

After having zero mechanical issues my first 2 events, the car decided it was time to misbehave.

This video contains both my 3rd and 4th events, since the car was dead after only 7 runs at the 3rd event. I still suck, but a lot less than before. I finally learned the basics of "clutch kicking" in the 4th event, and it has really improved my initiations.

Every event is better than the last (as long as my car doesn't blow up) and each event is the highlight of my month. I can't wait to get back out there.


Drift Idiot Day 4

The Tire Delusion

(I'm an idiot note: this is from the 10/19/12 event, not 9/1/12)

When you make bad decisions, pylons pay.

I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I purchased wide, sticky tires for the rear of my low horsepower car. I couldn't maintain drift, even with the go pedal mashed to floor, and as a result, I destroyed my bumper. I still had fun, but I would have had a lot more fun if I weren't such a dumbass.

Let it be known low HP drifters: buy the skinniest and crappiest rear tires you can find.


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Drift Idiot Day 5

Getting It

I am getting better. This is fantastic news for me, but much less endearing for my body panels, as it means I will be pushing harder and faster from now on.

I'm starting to understand how critical entry speed is, especially with my low power level, as I cannot make up a deficit of speed mid corner. I also realized that when I thought I was using a "feint" initiation previous to this night, I wasn't really doing it to its fullest. I now started actually breaking all four wheels loose before the counter slide into the corner and it feels awesome.

In training, I did of course snap my rear bumper in half, but at least it offered me a great opportunity to flex more of my zip tie skills.


Drift Idiot Day 6

Yuleslide Cheer


In this very special holiday edition of Drift Idiot, I turn my S14 into a reindeer, I barely run into stuff, and Formula Drift pro driver Corey Hosford drifts my car.

Corey has a mustache so I assumed it wouldn't hurt if I also grew a mustache. I'm not sure if it has made me a better drifter but I don't think it hurt. Men have been giving me "thumbs up" and "high fives" when we come into contact, yet women seem repulsed and eager to disengage communication at the earliest opportune moment.



Drift Idiot Day 7

Red Suede Shoes

I always like thinking that getting shoes specifically for a certain task make you better at said task. When I was a little kid, I remember begging my parents for the newest skateboarding shoes and trying to sell them how essential they were for making me good at skating.

My mom got me these Simpson racing shoes for Christmas pretty much without me asking, she probably just wanted to spare me the embarrassment of pleading with her to get them for me lest I should never be a good drifter. I'm not really sure if they made me better, but I was certainly stylin' on all of my friends this event.



Drift Idiot Day 8

The Great Equalizer

When I started drifting last July, I never really expected to be competitive, even locally. For that reason, I was hesitant to sign up for the Import Face-Off drift competition that was being held at the local track. However, when the Friday "for fun" event was cancelled due to rain, I decided that I wanted to get my track time, one way or the other, and signed up for the competition.

On the day of the competition it was still raining heavily. Luckily, it stopped raining right before the scheduled practice session. Even without new rain coming down, the track was still slicker than something really slick (I don't know, use your imaginations).



Drift Idiot Day 9

Leveling Up

I used to hang out with a group of Subaru kids. They would work on their cars, and I would watch, because I was bad at working on cars. I had little mechanical comprehension of motor basics or even how most things fit together. Then I bought a drift car, and had to learn. 


In my greatest mechanical achievement so far, and with the help of a few dedicated friends, we swapped an SR20DET into my drift car. There were a few head scratching moments, but thanks to it being the most well documented swap on the web and banging on things with a mallet until they worked, the motor fired up on the first try. I didn't have time to touch on it in the video, but it's not running perfectly. It still needs some work, but hey, I swapped out a motor, how hard can anything else in life be?



Drift Idiot Day 10

Feeding the Beast

My roommate used to have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. He bought new wheels for it, and the stock ones sat around rotting with fresh tread on them. Then my SR20 came along. It must feed. She's always hungry. 


Driving with old, 195/60/16 all seasons on the car was akin to ice skating. It was a blast, but very difficult to control at angle, and you can see people in tandem behind me getting frustrated that I was making a decent amount of smoke, but not really moving anywhere. 




Drift Idiot Day 11

Bazookas, Bugatis, & Burnouts

Coming Soon